Short history of the Serpent RC Car company

February 22 by Jaap Dienaar

Serpent was a company from Heemstede, North Holland in the Netherlands specializing in competition grade radio controlled cars which has won numerous IFMAR and EFRA titles, plus several national title. What happened to them now? Let’s take a look at their history.

Serpent was officially founded in 1980 as a brand name to Berton BV. It was named after a combination of its founders, Pieter Bervoets and Ron Ton, who both are RC car racers. The duo built their first RC car in 1972, using a Kyosho Dash 1 chassis modified by themselves, then in 1977 they started to develop their first car under the name of Serpent in 1977 and 1979, both the founders had won separate EFRA 1/8 titles with their Mk.III Pro.


One of its highlights of their competition career is the total domination during the IFMAR World Championship for 1/10 Scales 235mm IC On-Road cars that took place in Apeldoorn in Netherlands. The competition car for the category at the time have dominated the top 10 position in both the Class 1 (sportscars) and Class 2(touring cars).

In 2005, Bervoets sold the company to Ronald Baar and the works’ championship winning driver and designer, Michael Salven, so that he could concentrate on his other project that he had been running for ten years before. The project was Virtual RC Racing, which specializes in RC car racing simulation for computers.

In 2008 the Dutch company went into bankrupt. The Off-Road projects that was just started during the time were paused and the brand and the stock was sold to a new company called “VectorRC”, which is situated in Holland. Michael Salven and Ronald Baar are now owners of the Serpent brand and run a company that takes care of the development and the marketing worldwide.

As of 2009, Serpent have won a total of seven world (IFMAR) and thirty three European titles (EFRA) together with give Japanese (JMRCA) and eight U.S. (ROAR) national titles as well as three Winternats.

In 2011, Serpent was once again sold from World Model (Serpent Ltd Hong Kong) to a new company in China, which retained the name and all relevant logos and designs of Serpent. Moving to China was a decision that hopes to maximize profit by lowering the production cost while still being able to maintain the same pricing that the brand has always been known for.

And that new elan worked out; read the 2015 brochure which was issued for the 35th aniversary of Serpent in 2015, highlighting the succes of Serpent through the years!

Click the picture below to open the PDF-File of Serpent’s 35-aniversary brochure with information about all their models through the years! (upto 2015)

>>> Serpent 35 years of History (Click to open PDF-File in new tab) <<<