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  1. European Championship 1974 In Modena, Italy

    August 11, 2021 by Jaap Dienaar

    Mr. Pieter Bervoets, co-founder of the Serpent brand filmed this 8mm film during the first European Championship for 1:8 nitro cars at Pista Santa Anna in Modena, Italy.
    Winner in sportscars was the legendary Franco Sabattini who had just started his company SG. (more…)

  2. Serpent Quattro 4WD – 1986

    May 4, 2011 by Jaap Dienaar

    This is the famous Serpent Quattro 4wd. Kit no.: 4004.

    Belt driven with a 2 speed transmission. This car is the further development of the successful 2WD version of the first Serpent model with 4 wheel independent suspention Quattro Mk. IV. The front axle was driven by a belt.
    The 2WD version had severall manners to drive the rear axle, there were different versions: chain, direct drive via gears and belt drive. Through a clever model policy, it was possible to upgrade the vehicle through up-grade kits to 4WD.
    The 4-WD conversion kit no. 4650 can be mounted to all Quattro models. The only modification to models before 1985 is the epoxy radio plate. Models from januari ’85 and on have universal radio plates for both 2-WD and 4-WD. (more…)

  3. PB Racing Products PB6 – 1979

    January 3, 2010 by Jaap Dienaar

    The PB6 is a highly sophisticated design which provides the ultimate starter into serious racing. The kit features both wide (as featured here) and narrow chassis, precision stamped from 7075-T6 alloy and is black anodised. Separate super rigid power pod for maximum power tansmission…..

  4. Serpent Mk. III C-3000E

    January 2, 2010 by Jaap Dienaar

    Featured here is the 1981 version of the Serpent Mk. III C-3000E. This is a Serpent of the Mk.III series. The Mark III series of Serpent had 4 models: Alfa, Competition, Super Competition and Super Pro.

  5. Kyosho Dash I 1970

    January 1, 2010 by Jaap Dienaar

    1970: The Kyosho DASH 1 is presented at an Aircraft Pageant at Harumi International Trade Center sponsored by Mitsuboshi Shoten. Three professional racing drivers were invited to run the DASH 1.

    It was in 1970 that Kyosho started selling the DASH 1. The DASH 1 is generally agreed by the industry to be the first RC car made in Japan.
    The three body styles chosen were the most popular racing machines in the Japanese Grand Prix: Porsche 917, Lola T70 and the McLaren Elba. The bodies were vacuum molded, a totally new innovation in RC at the time. Mr. H. Suzuki (then President of Kyosho) was the one who set about looking for a vacuum molding factory.


  6. Graupner Super Speed Race Car

    December 31, 2009 by Jaap Dienaar

    The Graupner Super Speed Race Car can be considered a basic car for the racing sport. The chassis consists of an epoxy strip and two rigid axles. The non-adjustable front axle was made from an die-cast aluminium construction and integrates a caster angle of about 10 °. The uprights are also die-cast aluminum. At the rear the differential is fitted in a simple metal holder. Both parts are found incidental with the Kyosho Sonic Sports. A rheostat brake worked in conjunction with a somewhat simple speed controller.

  7. Pictures from the Netherlands – Races in the ’80s

    May 29, 2009 by Jaap Dienaar

    Herewith you find many pictures of Races in the Netherlands from the 1980s.
    See famous drivers like Rody Roem winning his first world title, Pieter Bervoets, Ron Ton, Paco Raap and many, many more….


  8. European Championships at Götenborg in 1980

    February 26, 2009 by Jaap Dienaar

    “….. Göteborg (Richtung Norden, und dann..) war Austragungsort der diesjährigen Europameisterschaft. Die Strekke, der Väst-8-Ring, liegt im Westen der Stadt direkt beim Volvo-Werk. Schon im letzten Jahr wurde extra für die Europameisterschaft eine neue Asphaltschicht aufgetragen…..”


  9. World Championships 1979 in Genéve, Swiss

    February 26, 2009 by Jaap Dienaar

    “…. Von den insgesamt 200 zugelassenen Fahrern aus 16 europäischen und weiteren fünf außereuropäischen Ländern gingen in Genf – zur zweiten WM – 163 an den Start. Besonders traten hierbei die Japaner und Amerikaner zum Vorschein, die mit Fahrern, Mechanikern und Managern in der Kopfzahl weitaus den anderen überlegen waren……”


  10. European Championships at Lilford Park in 1978

    February 26, 2009 by Jaap Dienaar

    “… Lilford Park ist ein Freizeitpark, ca.100 Kilometer nördlich von London, in dessen hinterster Ecke eine permanente Piste für RC-Cars liegt. Diese ist ziemlich schmal – teilweise nur drei Meter breit -, sehr wellig und durch vier Haarnadelkurven recht langsam. Hier also fand dieses Jahr die alljährlich von der Europäischen Federation für radiogesteuerte Automodelle, kurtz EFRA genannt, ausgeschriebene Europameisterschaft der Klassen ..Formel” und ,,Sport” statt….”

  11. RC at Leichester – 1972

    February 25, 2009 by Jaap Dienaar

    A race report from Leichester – 1972

    “…..It just shows how good the Americans really are; Roy Moody (whose car was featured in sisterpublication , R.C.M. & E. last year) turned up at Leicester on Sunday, June 25th and, despite never having driven on the demanding but superb circuit in the Midlands, took first place….”


  12. London R/C Club’s meeting – June 1972

    February 25, 2009 by Jaap Dienaar

    North Weald and the North London R/C Club finally get a weekend dry enough for an ‘Open’..

    “….. Heading. They’re off! To the start of an excitinq Formula I final at North Weald on June 11th. A storm -brewed up which held up the running of this final (hence the vaflous headgear of finalists) and from left to right, the drivers are Johnny Johnson, Mark Plested, K€ith plested. John Mitha and Gordon Tapsell….”


  13. London R/C Club’s 1st 1972 meeting

    February 25, 2009 by Jaap Dienaar

    Reports from the weather-wrecked London R/C Club’s 1st1972 meeting and sunnier Newhaven..


  14. Minitex Race in 1972

    February 25, 2009 by Jaap Dienaar

    Here is a race report from one of the earlier races in the World; the Minitex Race of 1972 in the U.K.


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